About the camp

In Short

During the 7 days of the Camporee, you will have many opportunities to learn, play, discover and connect.

There will be plenty of pathfinder workshops to discover and cool games with all pathfinders involved. These special activities and games (even water activities!) will give you possibilities to have fun and use your skills. You will also meet many other pathfinders and taste the food of other cultures. In the evening after the main program we will all meet during City Life on the big market place around the main tent. That will be lot’s of fun, promised!

But we also come together to learn about Jesus and the Bible.

In the morning we listen to Jonathan Tejel, our World Pathfinder Leader, telling us stories about God and every evening, we will gather all together in a huge circus tent (yes, a real one!) to worship God and learn from the story of Jonah – in play and word.

Camporee Theme

The Camporee Theme refers to the biblical story of Jonah. The “Whale Way” is a reference to the surprising ways that God finds to safe people. In the story of Jonah even the prophet himself is overwhelmed by the Grace of God. God was gracious even to the people of Niniveh – the Assyrians. That was too much for the religious Israelite.

But it is true: In Jesus, every human being can find grace and salvation. God has surprised us by becoming human and by challenging the religious!