The Program

This is the overview of the Camporee program. Read below more about the various program items.

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The Camporee Workshops

The Workshops are a central part of our Camporee program. There is a big variety of exciting options to learn, be active, produce, play and have fun. There will be six different workshop areas each with a specific focus: Pathfinder Technics, Water Activities, Sports and Games, Bible Games, Craft Activities, and Orientation Technics. Each Workshop area will offer about 15 different workshop activities from wich to choose.

During the Camporee each pathfinder will visit all of the six different workshop areas and pick his or her favorites from about 80 workshops.


Pathfinder Games

While the workshops offer activities for each individual pathfinder the pathfinder games will challenge pathfinder groups and delegations. This involves an advanced contest based on the story of Jonah’s escape.  (Tuesday)

The Boat Run is an adaption of a formula 1 race – on water! It involves a team of pathfinder constructing a boat for their race team which will finally paddle on a racetrack on the lake in competition to other teams and supported by their “fans”.

The Urban Life program with the International Dinner gives all pathfinder the opportunity to get to discover all the different nationalities and cultures represented in our Camporee and play traditional games – and especially, you can taste different food specialities and flavors. Imagine getting real Italian pizza with real Belgium fries or a true Spanish paella with a swiss raclette! Plenty of options to taste!


City Life

In the evenings we will celebrate City Life in Niniveh. Around the big Palace (a real circus tent!) we have a big market place which will be filled with street artists, street musicians, with fairground booths offering games, and finger-food booths. All pathfinders and nationalities mingle and enjoy the special Camporee community!


Spiritual Life 

Of course, in our Camporee we want also celebrate our gracious God and worship Jesus, learn from the Bible and be encouraged to live faithfully. Every morning we meet for a communal morning message (see “Message”) and in the evening we gather in the Palace to learn about the story of Jonah and see how the God is working with the Prophet as well the king of Niniveh.

Friday evening it will take place the baptism : an unforgettable moment, when young people entrust their lives into the hands of their Saviour, Jesus.

On Sabbath afternoon we will resume together the story of Jonah in many creative ways.

In your free time don’t forget to visit OASIS. A place where you can pray, read your Bible, share stories with other Pathfinders, accomplish the Prayer Pathfinder Honor, and discover that spending time with God can be exactly what you need.


There will be many more program activities to discover.
Therefore, don’t miss this experience!