Day 2

Tuesday, 4th of August.

First day of activities. After the morning devotion by Jonatan Tejel, the world pathfinder leader, it is time to start the workshops. 6 areas of activities, where pathfinders can visit once during the Camporee. There, they have several activities to choose from. Each area has a topic: pathfinders skills, arts and crafts, water activities, sport, orientation and archeology, Bible activities.

During the afternoon, there is a common game: the pathfinder game.

Today is also the day for the official pictures. Each delegation sends 2 pathfinders in their uniform. So classy!

We finish the day in the tent with the main program: video clip of the day, worship, drama and the message from Miki Jovanovic.

A beautiful day!

But tomorrow will be great as well… a very special program in the afternoon! Stay tuned!



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