Day 3

Wednesday 5th of August.

Day 3 at the Camporee.

Pathfinders are getting into the rhythm of the camp. Breakfast, worship at 9.30am, workshops at 10.30am, lunch, activity all together at 2.30pm, dinner, worship at 8pm, city life at 10pm, bedtime at 11pm…

Workshops allow all pathfinders to discover so many activities and develop their skills and talents.

Today, the special program of the afternoon is a boat race on the lake. But first, pathfinders have to build their own boat… from PET bottles! Yes, we asked church members to collect their bottles, and we use 6000 bottles to make the boats. Each delegation has a team building the boat, and then 2 pathfinders go on the lake for the race!

So much fun, and a great way to realize how we can reuse and recycle bottles and other materials.

It’s about mid-camp. 4 more days to go. So much fun, adventures, discoveries, meeting of new people.

We also have several journalists reporting about the Camporee in different swiss newspaper, and even on radio and TV, with great words about all that is organized for our pathfinders.

People are getting a little tired. So, we need to sleep! Good night.


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