Day 4

Thursday, 6th of August.

This is a hot day! Lots of sun, very hot. So, the program is changed a little bit. Instead of the workshops in the afternoon, everybody is allowed to go to the beach, where there is more shadow and fresh water.

But what is very special today is the end of the afternoon and the evening!

It starts with the International dinner. Imagine a restaurant for 2500 people which serves food from about 15 different countries! And every one can choose which food, which traditional dishes he or she wants to taste!

It’s a colorful and joyful mix of pathfinders queuing in front of all the kitchen, and the smell of all the different dishes. Some need one hour waiting in line to get their food. They even received 2 tickets to try 2 different food.

Just after the dinner, the program continues with what is called “Urban Life”. Around the circus tent there are several booths offering a huge diversity of activities: games, food, contests, souvenirs, entertainment. Pathfinders receive a small bag with “precious” stones, to be used as money to do the activities. They can also buy more stones. All the money collected during this program will be given to ADRA, for a project in Ethiopia, the New Hope village for orphans.

Due to the heat, the evening worship is moved later, after Urban Life.

Life at the Camporee is fun, entertaining, but also very rewarding… and sometimes dangerous, with wasps flying around you. Someone got actually 8 bites at once!

Journalists keep coming, very interested in the Camporee and reporting in their medias. Even the swiss national radio and TV are recording and will make a topic in the news tomorrow or later.

Yesterday we had around 60 people from the town and some authorities for a guided tour of the campsite. They could enjoy all the constructions and see a little bit of the program and activities. Some were very impressed.

See you!

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