Day 6

Sabbath, 8th of August 2015.

Perfect, we so much need some rest!

Late morning, breakfast, and worship in the tent. What a great moment, singing, praising God, and a strong message from our speaker, Miki. Yes, God loves each and everyone of us, and His grace is for everybody, no matter what.

In the afternoon, we have time to use our creativity. By team, pathfinders have to retell the story of Jonah in different ways: as a Facebook page, with a mute movie, with a photo album, drawing cartoons. So many talents and great ideas! The winners get very nice prizes.

After dinner, it’s the “Delegations invitation”, where one delegation invites another one, for some games, traditional dances, maybe some snack food, etc. A good way to get to know other groups, other countries, other languages, other traditions.

Sunday is coming soon… the last day of the Camporee………….



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