Day 7

Sunday, the 9th of August.

Last day… so many emotions…

A morning worship with a strong call for pathfinders to become leaders one day.

A last workshop time, to discover more activities, develop skills, enjoy friends, have fun.

An afternoon where some start to take down their camps, to pack up, even to load their buses, and other enjoy the lake for a last swim.

An evening in the tent for the last message from Miki, again calling pathfinders to be “Jonah’s” in their church, family, school, community, to bring the grace of God to everybody around them.

A last thank you to all the team and leaders.

A last theme song with so much energy, joy, happiness, even nostalgia of this beautiful week together.

A last opportunity to say goodbye to new friends, to exchange scarfs, to take a picture.

Oh… and the rain avoids us… even when the forecast shows storms just after the worship…

Who said it was a blessed Camporee???


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