Day 8

Monday, the 10th of August.

It’s finished… almost!

Today is the day of departure.

It’s hard to see everybody packing up, taking tents down, jumping in the buses… and leaving.

And now, there are only about 80 volunteers and staff left… but so much to do within the next few days.

But we have fun, we work hard, we eat well and we enjoy being together for a few more days.

It’s also time to reflect on the Camporee, on all the great moments we had.

And to make some calculations:

– 3000 kg of bread.

– 3400 liters of milk.

– 8000 kg of vegetables.

– 7300 kg of fruits.

– 420 kg of pasta.

– 1000 kg of potatoes.

– 3500 salads.

– 4600 ice creams.

– 80 people working in the kitchen.

– more than 5600 hours preparing the food.

– 16 cubic meters of incinerable garbage.

– 17 cubic meter of organic garbage.

– 20 cubic meter of paper and cardboard.

– 89 toilets.

– 1900 rolls of toilet paper.

– 76 showers.

– 49’000 liters of water for toilets and showers.

– 21’000 liters of water for cooking.

– 120 volunteers.

– 20 days of work.

– 15’000 hours of work.

– 2500 pathfinders and leaders.

– 650 tents.



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